Upcoming Sierra Club PPG Meetings in Greensboro


July:  No Meeting (Summer Break)

August 12th:  Dr. Robbie Cox, presenting on the “50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act”.  Dr. Cox, past chair of the N.C. chapter of the Sierra Club will review the history and evolution of the Wilderness Act and its impact on North Carolina.

September 9th:  Zak Keith, organizer for the N.C. Chapter of the Sierra Club will speak on “Legislative Action in Raleigh” bringing us up to date on recently passed environmental legislation, goals for 2015, and the Sierra “Lobby Core” (a grassroots effort to bring our voice to key legislators).

October 14th:  Bronwin Corry, Director of Sustainability for Guilford College will present on how Guilford College is “Creating the Environmentalists of the Future”.  Unlike so much of the doom and gloom environmental news of the day, Bronwin will fascinate you with the myriad of sustainable programs currently in place at Guilford College and the commitment by students to make Guilford one of the greenest colleges in the country.  Their current plan anticipates making Guilford totally sustainable in the not to distant future.

Programs begin at 7:15 after brief Sierra Club meeting and social time at 7:00 pm. Sierra Club meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month from 7:00 to 8:45 pm at Fellowship Hall; use back entrance of  Church of the Covenant, 501 S. Mendenhall, Greensboro.

Please give Dick Mearns (dick_mearns@bellsouth.net; Phone 674-9281) your ideas for future programming.

Pre-meeting dinners at 5:30 pm: 

August 12th:  Samir’s, 4212 W Wendover Ave, Greensboro

September 9th:  Fat Dogs Grille & Pub,  2503 Spring Garden Street, Greensboro

October 14th:  Monesi Brazilian Buffet & Grille, 5406 Sapp Road, Greensboro

Please RSVP Jerry Weston at takeahike@earthlink.net or Ph. 856-1431 before 9 pm


Discovery Hike at Piedmont Environmental Center on June 10

Our June monthly meeting will be replaced with a hike on June 10 from 6-7:30 PM at the Piedmont Environmental Center, 1220 Penny Rd, High Point, NC.  The hike will be lead by the center director and he will point out flora and fauna in our area, including historic uses.  There will not be a pre-meeting dinner.  There will be a post-hike dinner at Thai Bankok, 3935 Jordan Place, High Point.

Lake Jeanette Social on May 13

Tuesday, May 13 (6-9 PM):  

Join your Sierra Club PPG friends for an evening of burgers, hot dogs, drinks and pleasant conversation at the Pavilion at the Lake Jeanette Marina (near the LJ Tennis Court and Pool; 5040 Bass Chapel Rd, Greensboro (take Elm north to Regents Park Ln)).

If you are attending, pleasee RSVP Bob Pollet at 336.455.3653.

Join us for Green Drinks of the Triad! (Thu, April 24)

Green Drinks is a social and networking event; a place for people who care about the environment, sustainable living, people care and fair share to connect and work together to create sustainable projects.

The next Green Drinks event will take place on Thursday, April 24 from 5:30-7:00 PM at the Weatherspoon Art Museum (500 Tate St, Greensboro, NC 27412).


This event will will be sponsored by UNCG Sustainability Film Series: A public screening of “Sustainability Shorts” will start at 6.30 PM (free admission).

Join us on May 17: Bluff Mountain Guided Day Hike

The Sierra NC Piedmont Plateau group has partnered with the Sierra NC Foothills Group in Winston-Salem!

Led by our friends from the Foothills group, we would like to invite our members and supporters to a hike in the Bluff Mountain area on May 17, 2014:

Thieasy, 6-mile wildflower hike will be led by a guide from the North Carolina Nature Conservancy, which owns this Ashe County preserve.  There are 25 endangered plant species, great views of the mountains and a waterfall.  The guide will cost $10 per person.

This outing is limited to 12 participants.  You will need to bring lunch, water and rain gear.  We will meet at 8:00am. and return around 6:oopm . For more information please email  Joel Wooten.

Sierra Club Meeting Tuesday, April 8: Nick Wood, NC WARN

Just a quick reminder:

The April 8 Sierra meeting will feature Nick Wood, Outreach Director for NC WARN, a nonprofit power company watchdog that promotes the use of clean renewable energy in place of dirty fossil fuels like coal and natural gas from fracking.

Nick will discuss environmental issues, renewable energy, political activism, and organizing and forming coalitions among groups with common interests.

We would also like to welcome our special guest Pricey Harrison, NC House.

The meeting will start at 7.00PM – please click here for directions.

Dan River Coal Ash Spill: The Need to Conserve

We will continue raising the public’s awareness on the issue of unsecured coal ash ponds (see also here) and the need to further conserve energy to limit pollution from fossil fuels.

News and Record – March 27, 2014:

The recent spill of 39,000 tons of coal ash in the scenic Dan River, and coating 70 miles with sludge containing heavy metals and toxic chemicals such as arsenic, lead, mercury and selenium, was brought about by irresponsible actions and negligence by Duke Energy. A large portion of our electricity comes from burning coal, which emits (in our air) greenhouse gases and particulates that contain toxic chemicals and carcinogens. The Sierra Club has been working to strengthen environmental standards and shut down the most polluting coal-burning plants, and transition to renewable energy like solar and wind.

The horrific Dan River spill also illustrates our need to conserve energy and move away from using fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil. These resources are limited and they pollute.

We all enjoy “the good life,” but it comes with consequences, including pollution. There are simple things each person can do to greatly reduce energy usage, such as driving less, turning off the lights and adjusting our home thermostats.

Our local Sierra Club gives presentations to outside groups and holds monthly meetings with outstanding speakers who discuss important environmental issues; these Greensboro-based meetings are free to the public.

Bob Pollet

The writer is chair, Sierra Club Piedmont Plateau Group.
Thank you so much for supporting your local Sierra Club Chapter.


12 Simple Things Each Of Us Can Do To Help Mother Earth

“The 3 Rs” – Reduce (most important), Reuse and Recycle

  1.  Think before you drive, and group your errands.  Is the trip really necessary now?
  2. Adjust your home thermostats (68F winter; 79F summer).
  3. Replace lighting with LED or CFL bulbs.
  4. Turn off lights and appliances when you are not using them.  Turn computer router off at night.
  5. Use reusable bags for groceries and shopping.
  6. Think before you buy; most products (e.g., clothes, plastic) are derived from oil.
  7. Avoid disposable products like dinnerware, especially Styrofoam.
  8. Recycle bottles, cans, plastics and paper.  (Best to avoid purchasing when possible).
  9. Use natural products in your house and on your lawn.
  10. Purchase fuel/energy efficient vehicles and appliances.
  11. Educate your friends and family on the importance of environmental stewardship.
  12. Consider the environment when you vote on Election Day.

See you on Saturday April 5, 2014 for Earth Day!